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There are two military forces trying to obtain control of the SOUTH AREA, the Green Force and the Brown Force, both forces have similar dimensions and type of military units.

Each faction has infantry, motorized infantry, special forces and special operations.

Each faction as one Military Base, one Town with a Red Cross Hospital, one military helicopter drop zone and several strategic important points and areas.

The control or destruction of stategic points will produce important changes in this airsoft military simulation.

The Red Cross Hospital ( Fix Respawn ) in the town cant be taken or destroyed

The helicopter drop zones ( Mobile Respaw ) can be taken or destroyed.

The Military Base can be taken or destroyed .

The SOUTH AREA is a very rich and important disputed region.

The force that gain control of the SOUTH AREA will gain control over all region and may change the world power balance.

The two armed forces ( Green Army and Brown Army ) are separated by a military front line and the conflict is becoming stronger and will reach a decisive point.



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