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The SOUTH FRONT is a milsim airsoft event created by the HERCULES SERIES organization.


It is a new and regular milsim event and not a military simulation like the HERCULES ( milsim with already 10 editions of hardcore milsim ).


The milsim design and the rules of the SOUTH FRONT are very diferent from HERCULES .


In SOUTH FRONT there is for example a safe area, a fixed respaw (Hospital), a mobile respaw (helicopter drop zone ) and a Base for each faction.

Both factions and all forces and type of units can use vehicles.


And the units with diferente profiles , some units will have shorter missions ( less than 6 hours ) and others Units will have missions with less than 12h, 24h and 48 hours .

The use of vehicles also depend of the unit profile :

Infantry, Motorized Profile, Special Forces, Special Operations.

Each faction has a Commander and each type of unit as also a Commander

Each faction ( Green Force v Brown Force ) has one Faction First Commander and four Unit First Commander ( one Commander for Infantry, other for Motorized Infantry, other for Special Forces and another Commander for Special Operations )

All five First Commanders are members of the High Command and each First Commander has a Second In Command.

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