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Time Shedule :

19th / 20th / 21th June 2019 ( Check in period and entrance in the Milsim )

20th June 2019 ( Start the Milsim )

23th June 2019 12h00 - Ends the Milsim

19th June 2019 ( Wednesday )

Check-in from 18h00 till 23h00

All forces of the two factions with the check-in made in the Safe Area go to their Faction Base

The SOUTH FRONT starts at 23h30 of 19th June 2019

20th and 21th June 2019 ( Thursday and Friday )

Check-in from 00h00 till 23h00

After the check-in in the Safe Area each player or team obtain an order to present in their Faction Base 

In the Faction Base they will obtain their Commander orders 

22th June 2019, Saturday

Only milsim evolution, check-in closed

23th June 2019, Sunday

12h00 end of the military simulation

13h00 Final ceremony and lunch

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